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Analysis of the inspection and cleaning of ceramic storage system equipment!

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Analysis of the inspection and cleaning of ceramic storage system equipment!

Date of release:2019-06-24 Author:眀协机械 Click:

     Ceramic storage blank machine mechanical equipment that we are not familiar, then see how green and clean ceramic storage on mechanical equipment? Viewing of ceramic machinery and equipment; the components of the equipment are completely intact. The operation of each transmission system is normal and stable, the shifting is complete, active, no noise, no over-temperature and over-pressure phenomenon. The smooth equipment system is complete, the pipeline is dredged, the oil mark is dazzling, and the oil quality meets the requirements of equipment operation.


     The sliding parts are working normally, and the sliding surfaces and parts are not severely pulled, bumped or bruised. The equipment has no oil leakage, water leakage, air leakage or leakage. The equipment operating system and instrumentation are flexible and reliable. The cooling and heating system equipment is completely and unblocked, and the operation is normal. The electrical and control system equipment is complete and the pipeline is indispensable. Safety equipment is intact, complete and reliable. Equipment and special tools are complete, non-defective, rust-free and well-preserved


        Cleaning of ceramic storage machinery and equipment; cleaning of the surface, the sulfur compounds separated from the processing, mostly mottled solids, need to be wiped with a cloth with a cleaning liquid. Clean the water pipe system, there will be moisture during processing, and the brown rust spots formed by the combination of the sulfur compound and the metal appearance of the tile chamfering machine are very bad. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare anti-rust paint, and it is assumed that there is rust. Rust paint oil. Clean the motor or the residual residue of the bearing. Be careful not to insert the cloth with water. Dry cloth should be used.

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