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Analysis of the maintenance and precautions of ceramic storage machinery and equipment!

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Analysis of the maintenance and precautions of ceramic storage machinery and equipment!

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Always disconnect the power supply at all times during repairs and maintenance. Ceramic storage blank machine tool mechanical devices using diamond saw blade, the sheet metal material is not cut, not just curvilinear cut. When replacing a new blade, check the blade for cracks, notches and bends, and try it after installation. Using a blunt saw blade will result in the motor not working properly. Replace the new blade on time or use a refractory brick to cut the sharpening method.


       The cutting machine motor is S6 working system. When the motor stops automatically during use, it is the automatic protection of the motor. Please disable it for ten minutes, then turn the switch on again, and the motor can work again. Pay attention to the grounding of the power supply and children should not be turned on. Regularly check for loose areas such as machine safety shields. Regularly replace the saw blade, which can damage the motor and affect the cutting quality and efficiency of the machine. Be sure to avoid exposure of wires and electrical components to water or moisture for extended periods of time.

       Keep all parts dry and free of moisture. After each use, the water in the basin needs to be drained and the basin is cleaned. Because it is water-carrying, all parts of the machine should be dried to prevent rust. After each use, clean the pump tubing and filter cotton with clean water to ensure that the tubing is clear. If the pump does not discharge water properly, please contact the supplier immediately. This type of machine is strictly prohibited to cut without water! Regularly inspect the fasteners on all parts of the machine to ensure that they are securely in place.

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