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What is the design principle of the main part of the ceramic storage system?

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What is the design principle of the main part of the ceramic storage system?

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  The specific design considerations of the ceramic storage machine : buffer zone, lifting platform, buffer zone 2 and stocker platform, all use the helical gear transmission mode steel roller, because the forward and reverse running of these platforms must be positioned Accurate, flexible steering, can meet the working requirements of the stocker system, and the helical gear has the advantages of flexible operation, smooth and accurate. The lifting system adopts stepless speed regulation with brake motor to drive the parallel lever lifting mechanism, which can conveniently adjust the lifting speed of the lifting plate.



The main part of the ceramics blanking machine: for a stocker with a stock volume of about 150 M2., the weight of the storage frame plus the stored body reaches about 5 tons, and the inertia of the rising and falling is extremely large. The reducer with large reduction ratio is responsible for lifting and lowering. In order to prevent the static sliding, a worm gear reducer with self-locking capability is adopted. In order to ensure accurate positioning during lifting, the brake motor is used as the power. In addition, in order to prevent the inertial impact during lifting, the inverter variable speed start and stop functions are used to control the start and stop of the lifting.

  According to the characteristics and control requirements of the stocker system, the control system selected Mitsubishi Micro Programmable Controller FXon-40MR from FXon series of Japan MITSUBIHI Company, input 24 points, output 16 points, built-in EEPROM program memory. This type of programmable controller is used instead of the internal 23 time relays and 38 intermediate relays. The PLC programmable controller collects signals from the infrared photoelectric sensors, and each control button is used for the lifting and lowering of the storage machine. The monitoring of the PLC input contact device such as the limit travel switch reflects the working status of the system in real time and issues commands to the output contacts to control the entire system.

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