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Learn about a fully automatic and stable kiln ceramic storage system!

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Learn about a fully automatic and stable kiln ceramic storage system!

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       The technology relates to a ceramic tile processing equipment, in particular to a fully automatic high stability kiln front storage machine. Ceramic tiles are plate-like or block-shaped ceramic products produced from clay and other inorganic non-metallic raw materials through molding, sintering, etc., used to decorate and protect the walls and floors of buildings and structures. It is usually formed by dry pressing, extrusion or other molding methods at room temperature, then dried and fired at a certain temperature. Divided into glazed tiles and unglazed tiles according to the presence or absence of glaze. The floor tiles are divided into glazed floor tiles and unglazed floor tiles according to the glazed condition.


      Glazed floor tiles are mainly used for floor decoration of bathrooms and kitchens, and are used together with interior wall tiles. [1] According to the material classification, according to its absorption rate, it is divided into porcelain bricks, its water absorption rate is ≤0.5%), and the water absorption rate is between 0.5% and 10%. According to the application characteristics, it is mainly divided into ceramic mosaic tiles, glazed interior wall tiles and ceramic wall tiles. Because of their different characteristics, especially physical and chemical properties, their use has many aspects of utility, that is, different functions and outstanding features. It has exerted great effects in different aspects. Most of the unglazed floor tiles are surface-polished, so they are also called polished tiles.

        Polished tiles have a water absorption of less than 0.5%, also known as porcelain tiles or vitrified tiles. After polishing the porcelain brick, the surface is as clean as a mirror, which is a high-grade ceramic product. The buildings decorated with polished tiles are magnificent and luxurious. The price is higher and the decorative living room works well. Ceramic tiles used for paving should be made of polished tiles or unglazed tiles with high strength and hardness. The purchase is basically the same as the interior wall tiles. In the current ceramic tile processing technology, the kiln front storage machine is an important use equipment. The current kiln front storage machine is generally driven by a winch and a rope, the drive is unstable, the drive precision is poor, in a complex environment, due to the rope The flexible change can not achieve accurate equidistant lifting, affecting the use, and can not meet the current use requirements.

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