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How about the classification of ceramic tile manufacturers ceramic tile edger?

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How about the classification of ceramic tile manufacturers ceramic tile edger?

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     Ceramic is a relatively complicated material, so the mechanical equipment it uses is also of many different types. The single-side tile edger, also known as the one-side grinding machine in the industry, is a tile edger. A more basic type of machine. It can grind straight edges as well as elliptical and profiled workpieces. It is designed with four sets of edging and a set of chamfers for edging and chamfering 60-500mm wide tiles. Instead of attaching a master to a separate suction cup, you can use it to grind some irregularly shaped workpieces. The structure is simple, the manufacturing cost is relatively low, and the relative price is relatively cheap.


      Another type of tile edger, which is a double-sided tile edger, which is designed with four to six sets of edging and a set of chamfers. It can be used for double-edged chamfering and straightening of 100-600mm wide tiles. The machine is an edging machine with various types and specifications in various types of edging machines. It can be divided into three types: linear edging machine, linear circle and straight line beveling machine according to the different straight edges that can be ground. The double-sided cutting tile edger, which is further than the double-sided tile edger, can accurately position the straight edge, the round edge, the duckbill edge, the bevel edge, etc. of the circular or shaped glass by precisely positioning the template. The shape of the glass milled by the edge machine is accurate, the size is uniform, and the production efficiency is high. This type of machine is suitable for the production of ceramics with a small variety, but with a large production volume.

      The arc tile edging machine can also be called the arc polishing machine. It can process the ceramic or stone with a curved surface or a 45-degree slant surface. The quality of the step bricks and the footings processed is very good, and the processing cost is extremely low. It is better and more remarkable for decorative projects. Main functions: straight edge, rounded edge, inverted 45 degree angle, open anti-slip groove, polished, chamfered. The ceramic machinery equipment manufacturers mainly introduced the single-side tile edger, the double-sided tile edger, the double-cut tile edger and the arc tile edger. These types of tile edgers are becoming more and more sophisticated in terms of technology and quality of production, and the properties of each aspect have been greatly improved

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