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What is the method of making a ceramic storage system?

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What is the method of making a ceramic storage system?

Date of release:2019-06-18 Author:明协机械 Click:

      Most of the unglazed floor tiles are surface-polished, so they are also called polished tiles. Polished tiles have a water absorption of less than 0.5%, also known as porcelain tiles or vitrified tiles. After polishing the porcelain brick, the surface is as clean as a mirror, which is a high-grade ceramic product. The buildings decorated with polished tiles are magnificent and luxurious. The price is higher, and the decorative living room is better. 



The process that this kind of floor tile needs to pass is the process of turning the blanking machine. In the current ceramic tile processing technology, the turning machine is an important use equipment. Now the turning machine has various structures, but the stability of the turning blank is poor, and the work is poor. Unstable, can not adapt to the production needs of the current assembly line processing, can not meet the current use requirements.

       At present, most of the hot-rolled metal composite board industry adopts a composite blanking method. After the merging, the upper and lower substrates and the seals must be welded to prevent the submerged arc flux from falling into the metal composite blank during the next process-submerged arc welding operation. Product quality has an impact. When the lower substrate and the seal are welded, the flat welding is performed, and when the surface is welded to the seal, the welding is poor, and the work efficiency is low. With the development of science and technology, the turning machine has gradually developed in recent years, overcoming the shortcomings of the past, and possessing its own strength, playing a great role in the process of ceramic blank making.

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