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What is the role of wear-resistant ceramics in the equipment of ceramic storage machines?

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What is the role of wear-resistant ceramics in the equipment of ceramic storage machines?

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      Wear-resistant ceramics belong to industrial special ceramics. Our factory mainly produces high-purity alumina wear-resistant ceramic sheets with 97% and 99% alumina content. The main component is AL2O3. The hardness of finished products after sintering can reach Mohs. Hardness grade 9, due to its super wear resistance, impact resistance, strong corrosion resistance, high hardness, etc., good mechanical properties, now widely used in cement, steel, thermal power, coal, smelting, chemical, port, mining In the wear-resistant equipment of the industry, it has become an umbrella to extend the life of mechanical equipment, protect equipment from damage, and reduce operating costs.



    Especially in the heavy industry, the proportion of mechanized equipment is relatively high. Many of the equipments are made of metal, and they are bulky and have long running time. During the production process, the impact of continuous friction shock and damage caused by high pressure and high temperature on the machine itself is more serious. Large, affecting both machine life and production efficiency. In order to make better use of mechanical equipment, so that equipment work better longer, it must ceramic storage casting machine for mechanical protection apparatus, and this can come in handy wear-resistant ceramic, wear-resistant ceramic machine becomes Protective film.

      Adding wear-resistant ceramic sheets on the machine not only can withstand high temperature, it can effectively prevent the machine from slipping, reduce the friction and impact in the machine, keep the machine for long-term production without damage, reduce maintenance, save production cost, and effectively extend the service life of the machine. One point is that the wear-resistant ceramic sheet is environmentally friendly, which can effectively reduce energy consumption and benefit the long-term development of the industry.

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