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Analysis of the characteristics of ceramic glaze conveying production line!

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Analysis of the characteristics of ceramic glaze conveying production line!

Date of release:2019-09-11 Author:眀协机械 Click:

       Ceramic glaze is an indispensable material for making ceramics, which makes the ceramics smoother and more vivid. Most of the ceramic products now use a line-up operation method, which uses machines from molding to coloring to improve production efficiency.


      The transportation of ceramic glaze is also realized by machine to ensure the glazing is timely and uniform. The ceramic glaze production line feeds the glaze raw materials according to the set formula, and then delivers them to the intermediate buffer tank by pneumatic force, and then discharges to the moving warehouse, according to The ball mill's material signal, the moving warehouse automatically starts to move to the ball mill for discharging, and realizes a process flow of glaze automatic batching production. 

      The ceramic glaze is put into the storage bin through the ton bag, and can be fed by forklift or driving. The feeding is convenient and flexible, and the dust collector can be added to prevent the dust from flying. The screw conveyor is used for batching, and the screw speed variable feeding is realized by frequency conversion to ensure the precision of the ingredients. 

     The batching scale adopts the pneumatic conveying tank scale to realize the integration of weighing and conveying. The conveying distance is not limited, and it can be transported for a long distance without residue. The moving warehouse adopts a rail trolley, plus a positioning switch, and precise positioning, so that a batching system can be fed to a multi-billiard mill. The whole process is controlled by the human-machine interface system. The operation adopts the touch screen man-machine interface, which is easy and convenient to operate and can be operated by one person. 

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