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Suction cup

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Suction cup

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       This product is used for conveyor line after kiln. The fired tiles are stored on the brick rack. The suction cup compensating upper/lower brick suction machine is a large-scale brick suction machine developed for the specifications of large bricks on the market. Its transplanting mechanism and lifting mechanism are driven by synchronous belt, guided by linear slider, and the main lifting body is made of aluminium profile, which makes the lifting more portable, stable and greatly improves the flexibility of components. At the same time, the main driving mechanism of lifting and lifting is driven by large power-based servo drive system and suction. The disc gripper adopts large wear-resistant and high temperature-resistant vacuum sucker with independent pneumatic components, which greatly improves the movement stability. The utility model relates to an upper and lower brick machine, in particular to a sucker type upper and lower brick machine with brick dividing function, which belongs to the field of ceramic machinery. In the field of floor tile manufacturing and processing, the common method of ceramic tile manufacturing is to mix the raw materials of brick billet first, then press the brick embryo on the press, and then enter the kiln after printing and firing. Then the upper and lower brick machine or manual from the kiln to the pallet. When the tray is filled with bricks, the tray with bricks enters the warehouse and is generally placed after 4-24 hours (because the hot bricks need to be fully cooled, aged, and internal stress eliminated). Only then can it enter the polishing, edge grinding and back processing.

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