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Briefly describe the safe operation of ceramic cutting machines!

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Briefly describe the safe operation of ceramic cutting machines!

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      As a key part of ceramic production, ceramic cutting machine plays an important role in daily production. Here we have to briefly mention the operation method of ceramic cutting machine. Ceramic cutting machines are just a general term for a class of machines. They contain many different types of machines. The specific methods of use are naturally different, but the general methods of operation are similar.


      Before proceeding, make sure that the production site is clean and in a moderate environment. Do not operate in a flammable or explosive area to avoid danger. Secondly, workers cannot use external forces to deform the machine and affect accuracy and safety. The cut material should not be placed on the work surface to prevent it from hitting the rotating blade. Then, the cable of the machine should be checked regularly and the operating handle should be kept dry.


     These are all things to pay attention to before cutting. When the cutting is officially started, there are mainly two kinds of cutting methods here. Let us take the hand-cutter cutting machine as an example. One is straight cutting, which requires us to adjust the cutting head so that the saw blade and the table are vertical. The angle of the saw blade is fixed by the locking handle. The upper and lower positions of the saw blade relative to the table can be passed through a pair of limit bolts. Adjustment.


       The tile or other building material is then placed flat on the workbench, the switch is turned on, the blade is rotated, and when the pump begins to draw water, the table is pushed forward so that the blade cuts the tiles on the table as required. The second is chamfer cutting. When doing this cutting, you need to use a cutting head that can be rotated. Before the operation, the head should be rotated to a 45-degree angle, and the locking handle should be tightened so that the blade can be aligned with the cutting material to push the table forward for 45 degree cutting.

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