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How about the maintenance of ceramic storage machine equipment in different periods?

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How about the maintenance of ceramic storage machine equipment in different periods?

Date of release:2019-06-18 Author:明协机械 Click:

      As a kind of machinery for manufacturing ceramics, ceramic equipment is very important to maintain its basic performance. Therefore, in order to maintain the quality performance of ceramic mechanical equipment in a good state under long-term use, Need our maintenance in different periods, the maintenance of ceramic storage system equipment and monthly maintenance and annual maintenance are classified as maintenance, monthly maintenance inspection roller, two-head roller and bearing, and also check hydraulic oil quality and oil level Annual maintenance check the connection parts of the hydraulic and water pipes, clean the valve core, and reinstall it.    


     As the decoration industry and large ceramic factories need to process tens of thousands of square meters of ceramic tiles, ceramic equipment will work for a long time. If the problems are not maintained on time, the production requirements cannot be reached. In the face of this situation, the maintenance of the ceramic tile processing equipment is required. To achieve this high-intensity task. Ceramic storage system monthly maintenance is necessary for tile processing equipment with a working time of more than 10 hours per day. Long-term work will cause great loss to the ceramic storage system equipment, and should be maintained once a month, as well as detailed inspection. Oil, bearings, water pipes, and motors should all be inspected.


       The annual maintenance can be said that the ceramic storage system equipment has been updated and repaired. The equipment will be removed to see how the accessories are inside. The replacements are changed and then re-installed. It is also like a new one. The maintenance and protection of the processing equipment of the ceramic storage system is also very important. Pay attention to the monthly maintenance and annual maintenance. So in general, when we are maintaining ceramic equipment, we are divided into two types: monthly maintenance and annual maintenance. Monthly maintenance is like a relatively small maintenance, and annual maintenance is like a big overhaul. It should be noted here that the maintenance level of the monthly maintenance is also determined according to the time we usually use the ceramic storage system equipment

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