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About ceramic machinery manufacturers processing and zirconia cutting methods!

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About ceramic machinery manufacturers processing and zirconia cutting methods!

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     Due to the excellent properties of ceramic materials, ceramic parts made by them are widely used. The high hardness of ceramics makes ceramics more difficult to process. Ceramic machining drilling: Ceramic materials are often drilled with boring. The structure of the boring drill is a ring-shaped diamond grinding wheel welded to a hollow steel pipe, and the welding process is silver welding. When the ceramic material is drilled, the diamond wheel rotates at a high speed, and the material is cut by the diamond abrasive grains on the end face.


       Ceramic Machining Grinding and Polishing: In some areas of industrial production, grinding alone does not meet the surface finish requirements of ceramic parts, usually grinding and polishing. On the other hand, ceramic materials have less toughness and greater brittleness, and their strength is easily affected by surface cracks. The rougher the surface of ceramic machining, the larger the surface crack, the more stress concentration is generated, and the lower the workpiece strength. Therefore, grinding is not only to achieve a certain roughness and high shape accuracy, but also to increase the strength of the workpiece.

       Ceramic machining polishing is a finishing process that uses a soft polisher and fine abrasive particles to apply to the workpiece at a lower pressure. There are three methods for zirconia ceramic cutting: fixed abrasive cutting, free abrasive cutting, and single-edged cutting. High-performance industrial ceramics application development is a three-dimensional composite ceramic material ZTA as a raw material, developed and produced ceramic drawing molds and ceramic tower wheels and industrial applications. Experiments have shown that ceramic drawing dies and ceramic tower wheels made of ZTA materials can completely replace the hard alloy drawing dies and metal tower wheels commonly used in the industry and are used in production lines.

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