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How about the production and processing technology of ceramic machinery?

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How about the production and processing technology of ceramic machinery?

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       The quality of ceramics depends to a large extent on the quality of the raw materials, so ceramic materials must be tested in the production process workshop before they can be put into use. Common contents are burn rate, absorbance, and shrinkage. The added raw materials are basic mud and chemical raw materials. Qualified ceramic materials will be officially put into production. The production process is grinding ball pulping, and the general ball milling time is about 12 hours. The longer the ball milling time, the finer the particles. Then, the mixer was continuously stirred, and the stirred slurry was atomized into fine droplets, which were then evaporated into a powder. The powder is produced and can be produced at any time and pressed into a brick by a press. However, the actual size of the brick that is usually extruded is larger than the gauge size because the ceramic shrinks during the firing process.


        The general shape of the process brick from brick to finished product has been completed, but the finished product requires a series of processes. Since the water content of the brick passing through the press is relatively high, if direct glaze printing is burned into the kiln, defects such as tile cracking are easily caused. Therefore, it is necessary to dry in a drying kiln to obtain a satisfactory moisture content. At this time, the glaze is carried out by centrifugal glaze, pressure type (water jet) spray glaze, bell-type glaze, and the like.


      At present, porcelain glazed tiles are the latter two. It is then fired in a kiln and different companies burn different kiln times. Fired ceramics also require edge, chamfer, and polish. It is then being scored and the score is usually distorted. , quality sorting, size detection, color separation and other processes. At this point, the ceramic (tile) has been completed. With the continuous development and renewal of materials science, ceramic processing equipment technology and materials are increasingly used in ceramic circular arc machines. The constant updating of technical materials has led to the development of ceramic arc machines, which is a highly technical job. For the operation of the processing machine, it is necessary to master the timing and accurately operate to obtain good processing results.


      Ceramic processing machinery and equipment, modern ceramics processing plant mainly uses equipment ceramic arc machine and ceramic cutting machine, can consider traditional ceramic processing machinery equipment, strictly speaking, there is no suitable equipment, in recent years, there are more advanced, mechanical equipment, It is called arc polishing machine and has functions: round edge, slotting, trimming, line, L slot, chamfering, polishing, etc. People's quality of life is improved, decoration and decoration are getting more and more attention, ceramic processing appears. More and more equipment manufacturers generally have two main types of ceramic processing equipment: ceramic circular arc machine, and the other is ceramic cutting machine, these two are commonly used two kinds of equipment.

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