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What are the common types of ceramic storage machinery by process

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What are the common types of ceramic storage machinery by process

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      Ceramic machinery is divided into several categories according to the process: polished tiles, polished glazed tiles, glazed tiles, antique bricks, mosaics, etc. The various bricks are indistinguishable in terms of production process, performance characteristics and paving results. Polished tiles were originally called polished bricks, but later called polished tiles. There are many kinds of names on the market, such as polished bricks, whole bricks, vitrified tiles, glass fossils, complete glass fossils, etc., but the professional name is “porcelain polished tiles”. The polished brick is mechanically polished and polished in the ceramic ceramic appearance, the appearance is not smooth, and the roughness is small. Nowadays, more in the living room, the size of the single block is quite large, the bigger the better, the more beautiful.



The full glaze is a special glaze that can be polished on the glaze. The ceramic slab is based on the polishing process of the polished tiles, which makes the brick surface smooth and smooth, bright as a mirror, and it uses glaze The craft has a strong pattern under the glazed surface and a magnificent color. Microcrystalline brick is a high-tech product that combines a layer of 2-4mm microcrystalline transparent frit in the appearance of ceramic glass fossils and is fully integrated after secondary sintering. Most of them are used on TV background wall or sofa wall. . Glazed tiles (ceramic tiles) are ceramic machines that have been treated with high-temperature and high-pressure glazing. Most of them are used in kitchen and bathroom wall tiles.

        The antique bricks are evolved from the glazed tiles and are ranked by Baidu. They are essentially glazed porcelain tiles. Compared with the popular glazed tiles, the difference is mainly reflected in the color of the glaze. Most of the ceramic storage machines are used in Mediterranean style and American style. It is a pattern created using small ceramic machinery or small pottery pieces. It is widely used in small indoor floors, walls and outdoor large-sized walls and floors with its small size and colorful features.

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