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Do you know how to make this type of circulating storage machine?

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Do you know how to make this type of circulating storage machine?

Date of release:2019-09-11 Author:眀协机械 Click:

      With the rapid development of the ceramic product market, ceramic tile products have more and more specifications, and ceramic equipment needs to be continuously updated to meet the needs of production. As a main storage equipment for ceramic production lines, in this environment, multi-functional equipment that can adapt to most specifications and meet the production process requirements of the production line has emerged. The storage machine is an indispensable equipment in the ceramic production line. It is mainly used to solve the contradiction between the kiln blockage and the empty kiln caused by the unstable number of bricks conveyed in the previous process. When the bricks are large, the storage is automatically stored. On the blank machine, when the billet is small, the brick is taken from the stocker to achieve smooth operation of the kiln. The existing storage machine has a large space, especially for obtaining a larger storage space, and requires a digging pit. The civil engineering is complicated, the maintenance is difficult, and the existing storage machine still has the first entry into the storage. The bricks in the machine cannot be discharged out of the stocker first, which will result in product deformation and chromatic aberration caused by the uneven storage time of the bricks on the stocker.


       Technical realization elements: In view of the technical deficiencies, the utility model provides a circulating storage machine with simple structure, direct ground installation and first-in-first-out brick blank. A circulating storage machine includes a frame, a pair of storage cages for storing bricks disposed at left and right sides of the frame, disposed on a front side of the frame and formed vertically with the frame a moving platform that moves up and down in a direction, a transition roller table disposed above the moving platform and linearly slidingly connected to the left and right direction thereof, and a mobile platform elevator for driving the moving platform to move up and down along the left and right sides of the rack, a driving mechanism for driving the linear sliding motion of the transition roller table and a pushing cylinder for pushing the power steering gear of the storage layer, the storage cage is composed of a plurality of vertically arranged roller bars, each roller The rod set consists of a plurality of roller bars arranged side by side and a drive chain at both ends of the roller bar set, the transition roller table being constituted by a plurality of roller bars arranged side by side, wherein the roller bars in the storage basket and the transition roller table pass Some roller drives are provided to drive the rotation.

       Compared with the prior art, this solution has the following advantages compared with the traditional storage machine: direct ground installation, no pre-excavation pit; the brick blank has a wider adaptability and can adapt to most of the products in the market; Larger, can be customized according to actual production needs; can realize advanced brick first-out, realize the recycling of the storage cage, avoid the brick blank deformation and burning after the brick blank is stored in the storage machine for a long time. Product color difference phenomenon

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