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State standard of equipment for ceramic machinery manufacturers and maintenance of parts!

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State standard of equipment for ceramic machinery manufacturers and maintenance of parts!

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     Ceramic machinery and equipment Because the product is ceramic, the accuracy and various standards are very strict. If we want to guarantee the quality of ceramic products, we must first guarantee the standards of all aspects of ceramic machinery and equipment. The parts are complete and complete. Each transmission system operates normally and smoothly, with complete shifting, flexibility, no noise, no over-temperature and over-pressure. The lubrication system is complete, the pipeline is unblocked, the oil mark is conspicuous, and the oil quality meets the requirements for equipment use. The sliding parts are running normally, and there is no serious pulling, bumping or bruising on each sliding working surface and parts.


       Ceramic machinery and equipment have no oil leakage, water leakage, air leakage or leakage. The equipment control system and the detection instrument are sensitive and reliable. The cooling and heating system is complete, smooth and working properly. The electrical and control system is complete and the pipeline is complete. The safety guard is complete, complete and reliable. Equipment parts and special tools are complete, complete, rust-free and well-preserved. Therefore, a good ceramic mechanical device not only depends on the quality of a certain system or a certain part, but requires the improvement of the overall quality of several systems and parts.

       As the saying goes, it is good to take the whole body, not only the many things of people, but also the quality and work of this large machine. Dust-clean the motor and electrical box. Moisture and corrosion protection must be avoided when the wires and electrical components are exposed to water or moisture for a long time. Keep all parts clean and free of moisture. After the work is completed, dry all parts of the machine to prevent moisture and rust. Regular replacement of new blades, polishing wheels, grinding heads, etc., after replacement, check and try. Safety Inspection All inspections must be performed after the machine has been switched off and stopped. Therefore, in the daily use process, we should pay attention to the dust-proof work and clean the machine, as well as prevent moisture and prevent corrosion of the machine. Regularly update the parts that can be updated and carry out regular safety inspections.

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