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How do ceramic machinery manufacturers maintain ceramic storage machines and complete standards?

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How do ceramic machinery manufacturers maintain ceramic storage machines and complete standards?

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    There is no shortage of specifications for the correct preparation of the equipment; operators must strictly abide by the operating rules and understand the operating procedures. Carefully follow the parameters in the equipment operation to prevent over-temperature, over-pressure, and overload operation; the operator should do a good job of checking the relevant records. If abnormalities are found, even if the relevant personnel are notified to handle the dust; clean the motor and electrical box; Anti-corrosion. Be sure to avoid long-term exposure of wires and electrical components to water or humid environments. Adhere to all parts clean and free of moisture.


       After the operation is completed, all parts of the machine should be dried to prevent rust and rust; replace the new blade, polishing wheel, and grinding head parts on time. After the replacement, check and try it out; safety inspection. All inspections must be performed after the machine has blocked the power supply and stopped working. The technical situation of ceramic mechanical equipment refers to the operation adjustment of the equipment, including the functions, accuracy, power, motion parameters, safety, environmental protection, energy consumption and other addresses and their changes. Whether the technical condition of the equipment is superior or not is directly related to whether the production activities of the enterprise can work normally. Its non-defective specification is the basic material of equipment technology and the main basis for maintenance and repair. The parts of the equipment are completely intact.


Accuracy and function should meet the production process requirements and reach the planned production capacity; the tumbling system works normally and smoothly, the speed is thorough, flexible, no noise, no over-temperature, over-pressure phenomenon; smooth system equipment is thorough, the pipeline is dredged, the oil standard is dazzling The oil quality meets the application requirements of the equipment; the sliding parts work normally, and the sliding working surfaces and parts have no serious pulling, bumping and bruising; the equipment has no oil leakage, water leakage, air leakage and leakage; ceramic machinery manufacturers equipment operation The system and the measuring instrument are sensitive and reliable; the cooling and heating system equipment is thorough and dredged, and the operation is normal; the electrical and control system equipment is thorough, the pipeline is indispensable; the safety protection equipment is intact, thorough and reliable; the equipment accessories and special tools are thorough, complete and without Rust and kept properly.

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